The Last Flowering Flush of Autumn

Pink Dahlias

Pink Dahlias

I am not ready for the flowers to be gone.

Jack Frost has been visiting the gardens overnight and leaving his mark.
Autumn Fairy Pumpkin House

Autumn Fairy Pumpkin House

But I still have plants to PLANT!  I am not ready for it all to be done!


Rainbow garden inspired by Lois Ehlert's book "Planting A Rainbow"

Rainbow garden inspired by Lois Ehlert’s book “Planting A Rainbow

I am not usually this sentimental about my growing seasons.  The only time I usually feel this way is when a baby is on the way and I am waiting.  I never have my babies before their due dates and carry them well into 42 weeks.  My gardens are a beautiful distraction.

But, here I am.  There is no baby due.  There is no need for floral distractions.

Yet, I disapprove of the cold coming to put my gardens to bed.


So, I bring some inside to make it last a little longer…

Purple bell pepper and flower

Purple bell pepper and flower

…and harvest what remains.

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