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Our Lively Yellow House

Our Lively Yellow House, Winter 2013.

Our Lively Yellow House, Winter 2013. Almost Done!

Finally, an update!

It has been busy around here! On the days that were nice enough to work on the exterior paint my husband was up on a ladder finishing areas of the chimney and eaves. The pitch of the roof made it really difficult to reach all the areas of the chimney without him standing in precarious positions.

From his description, I am really glad I did not go out to see how things were going! There are still areas around the dormers and trim to finish painting the last coat but compared to where we began it should be short work on warm days.

All that is left to finish painting the trim and replacing gutters.

We will finish painting the trim and replacing gutters early spring or whenever the weather allows.

All the storm windows have been installed and we will finish all the trim paint as soon as we get a mild day.  Now that we are officially in winter we may have to wait until spring. However, with the mild temperatures we had this past week we may get lucky and finish well ahead of March.

For now, we will focus on the inside of the house on various projects we need to finish for the upstairs bath, kitchen, and craft/office closet.  I hope to get another post out after we enjoy our Christmas!

Merry Christmas!