Curling up with the seed catalogs

Baker Creek's "The Whole Seed Catalog" 2014

Baker Creek’s “The Whole Seed Catalog” 2014    “The World’s Largest Seed Catalog”

My favorite seed company has put out a catalog of its whole seed collection.  This is the first of my seed catalogs to arrive.  I love thumbing through the pages when there is no living color outside.  Their glossy colors offer inspiration on the grey days of winter.


Countless pepper varieties…



They offer tomatoes in a rainbow of colors from all over the world.  They offer 1,500 varieties of vegetables, flowers, and herbs.  I have never seen so many varieties of melons or cucumbers.
There is a spread on  Joseph Simcox of and his work to preserve and share rare seeds from around the world.

Here is a spread on World Food Plant Ecologist Joseph Simcox by and his work to preserve and share rare edibles from around the world.  I love the pose with the rare Argentinian flower on the bottom left!

I also enjoy planning with Seed Savers Exchange.  There are a growing number of heirloom and organic seed companies. Sand Hill Preservation Center is another great resource. However, I find if I have too many catalogs I order more than I plant!

I look forward to planning my gardens when the winter wind is blowing and snow is on the ground.  Everyone keeps telling me the Midwest is supposed to have one hell of a winter this year.  I guess we’ll see.

Regardless, I plan on curling up next to the fireplace with a blanket, a big mug of hot cocoa and all my seed catalogs.  I like to sketch out my gardens to help decide what I will plant and where.  I love to daydream about spring in the middle of winter.

What are your favorite seed companies/catalogs?  When is your favorite time to plan your garden(s)?



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