Craft/Office Closet Progress

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This is the walk-in hall closet on our second floor.  It measures just around 5 feet wide and 6 feet deep.  In the past we have used it for miscellaneous storage and pantry overflow.  We have been slowly converting it into a craft room/office.

I really need a place I can work on projects without little hands being able to get into stuff. This closet is the best place in the house to set up shop.  Right now, the kids have the kitchen table for their projects, and when it is nice out, their work table in the garage.  As the kids get older they need more project space that they can leave stuff set up for later and this space will fill that need as well.

The room was the cream color you see in the outer hall with white Rubbermaid wire shelving.  We moved the shelving to the utility room and decided on built-in shelves.  We bought poplar for the shelves and supports.  As we had time, we cleaned up the walls, cut, installed and painted the shelving.

Now, we need to just get it finished.  Currently, my husband is finishing the outside of the house.  We are crossing our fingers we can get the siding and paint finished before it becomes too cold and wet to do so.

The wall color is “Halcyon Green” by Sherwin-Williams.  We had extra from our bedroom remodel.  It changes color from a blue to a blue-green depending on lighting.  It is very pretty.  I love it in the bedroom because we get lots of natural light.

I may change it to SW “Quietude” here because it is a shade lighter and there is no window in this room.  I haven’t decided just yet.  The shelves are painted the same color as all of our trim, Vermont Cream by Behr.  The walls and shelves need one more coat of paint.

We are still deciding on whether or not to add another row of shelving.  I wanted to see how much I could fit on the existing shelves so I arranged some of my fabric and yarn stash on the middle shelf.  I left the top shelf for seasonal supplies, seldom used items, and bulk supplies like batting and stuffing.

Drawing out ideas with my awesome drawing skills

Drawing out ideas with my awesome drawing skills

I like the idea of adding another lower shelf for various office supplies and art notions.  I may not have it wrap all the way around the room, but rather, have it wall to wall on brackets above the desk.  It just depends on how much wall space is left over for an idea/inspiration pin/peg board.

This may go on a side wall so that tools can be placed in a more reachable area while I am working on projects.  Sometimes it is best to work in a space before putting on all the finishing touches.  If I can get a great work flow system in place using all three walls I will be happy.

I would also like to remove or cover the popcorn ceiling with beadboard and replace the existing chair with a more comfortable padded office chair.  Actually, I would LOVE to put a decorative window right in the middle of where I have the inspiration board but I am not sure how that would look on the outside of the house.  A girl can dream…


I am hoping to finish this project early winter 2013.

See the project update here.

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