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2019 Winter Garden Plans

Taking inventory for early spring planting

We have had so much snow this winter! No complaints here, as we need the moisture. I love the blanket of silence the snow gives. Every dull brown sign of winter is bright and cheerful again. Snow brings hope where it once was forgotten.

March 4, 2019

Gardening is an endeavor of hope. It is an active engagement of optimism and grounded communion.

It is one of the most rewarding hobbies in which I’ve invested my time and efforts. Opening a seed catalog takes my mind off the winter cold and allows me to look forward to the warmth of the sun and the greening of spring. If I get seeds started before April I notice a shift of attitude in myself and my children. In keeping with the rhythm of our home, we observe what each season brings by enjoying the outdoors as the weather allows.

Planting seeds together brings joy and anticipation inside, of warmer days playing outside, and in the gardens. The kids get to make choices and take ownership of their plants and gardens. I get to spend time with my kids sharing my love for them and gardening.

Sowing, planting, and growing exalts trust in the earth and fervent anticipation of future harvest.

It has been bitterly cold this first week of March. Right now the temperature is 17 but it feels like 11 degrees. By this Saturday we are supposed to be enjoying temps in the 50s and I am counting on it. It has been a long cold winter.

Rough diagram of espalier 2018. Does not include stone fruit trees and berries.

I am looking forward to taking stock of how many plants and trees survived and how many I will need to replace. Last spring I planted several fruit trees, bushes, and vines. I believe this winter may have finished off the rest that were struggling. The dead trees and vines are from bunnies and the scorching dry summer we had in 2018. I don’t know that the bunnies allowed me one blueberry or blackberry plant.

Different vantage of beginning espalier to the right. You can see the tree and grape plant tags.

This spring we will be installing the wires and eye bolts to train the trees and vines. We covered the small heated pond with a plywood board. It needs to be cleaned and replenished. Our border collie kept eating the dead plant matter out of it and getting sick. She is our lovable little weirdo. We have so much cleaning and planning ahead.

‘Luna’ aka ‘Luna Petunia’, ‘Luna Bear’, and ‘Luna-toons’

Until then, I will be seeking the breaking buds, peeking tulips and crocus; looking for daffodils to announce the long winter slumber has ended.