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Bonding with Indigo…

Indigo late summer 2013

When Indigo goes outside in the morning he likes to make the rounds of all the flower beds, sniffing blooms and patches of grass.  No doubt, he smells scents we can not and in such depth and breadth that we will never experience.

Ever since he was a little puppy he would follow the kids and I through our gardens.


Indigo as a puppy sniffing a Lamb’s Ear flower head

If I, or the kids picked strawberries, he would pick strawberries too, eating the ripe ones but leaving the green.  This year I grew a variety of Sungold cherry tomatoes.  If my toddler and I went picking he would too, again, leaving the green in favor of the sweet, little, golden orbs.

However, he also likes to chew on every flower that he thinks I am most interested in, especially when I don’t give him the attention he wants.  He seems to know which flowers are my favorites by watching how much attention I give each one!  These are flowers that get leaves nipped off, and at times, ripped out of the ground.


Recently, I found a dog training book entitled Control Unleashed written by Leslie McDevitt.  I am hoping to use what I learn to help redirect Indigo from gnawing on my favorite flowers when he is not getting the attention he wants.  These books (there is a puppy version and adult version) are reputed to be really great for agility dogs.  I am hoping Flyball is in our future but I really want to get the basics down pat and really have a solid bond with our dog before moving into agility.

If you have experience with McDevitt’s books please feel free to comment!