Craft/Office Closet Update

Progress was made for the new year.

Progress was made for the new year.

We were able to finish some aspects of our craft/office closet project before the new year.  Seams were caulked and walls were touched up with paint.  I organized shelves based on how often items are used.  After organizing supplies, it became quickly apparent that the third row of shelves is needed.  We will be adding them later this winter.

In a small home vertical storage is very important!  A keen eye towards aesthetics in small spaces is equally important.  I am continuously looking for ways to better utilize our space while making and keeping it more visually appealing.  Paint color and lighting can make or break a space.

The Craft/Office closet is almost finished.

The Craft/Office closet is almost finished.

We painted the hall but decided to keep the current paint color of Sherwin-Williams Halcyon Green in the closet.  Lighting makes a big difference as you can see in the pictures above and below. The hallway color is actually just a shade lighter than the office color.  The lighting in the office makes it appear to be a much different color than what we have in our bedroom.  I will be experimenting with different light bulbs to see what effect I like best.

Hall 112014

The hallway is painted in SW Quietude.

We went ahead and added the computer and monitor so that the office portion could be used.  Many of the craft and art supplies are still being sorted and organized.  The only items left to be added are the office chair, desk lamp, inspiration board, and peg board for organizing tools.

Most of these items will be added this coming weekend.  The third row of shelves can be added at anytime.  We will be installing beadboard on the ceiling over a future weekend.  The computer desk will be painted when I have 2-4 hours to devote to it.  There are so many other projects that take precedence right now that some of these tasks are just not high on my list!

The main goal for this closet was to create a space that would operate as our “central command” (office) and a sewing/crafting room.  I have also been able to store a number of seasonal items since we decided to have the very top shelf wrap around the whole room. This has created more efficient space in our downstairs closets for items we use more often.

The closet is fully functional for office and craft use.  Sure, there are odds and ends left to sort and add but it is definitely ready for use.  I am typing this post from my new office space!

I am hoping to finish this space by late February April.

Stalled Progress!

Stalled Progress!

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